Screenshot_soraHi, I’m Sora. I am a previous athlete for Meridian High School and The College of Idaho. I found that the person I am now has largely been shaped by the sport I chose 10 years ago. I began running as a way to meet people and be active but I have gained so much more than I ever expected from running and the people I have met through the sport. As a coach, I would like to use the knowledge and experience from the process that lead to my personal wins and losses to show the passion I have for the sport and develop not only my athlete’s athletic ability but their character in their community.


  • Pan-American Team 2016
  • 10 time NAIA All American
  • 2 time NAIA National Champion
  • Robie Creek 3rd place finisher 2015
  • 5k personal record 16:52
  • 3k Steeplechase personal record 10:22

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