SWOL Instructions


Please create an account at SWOL123.net


Sports start August 7th!

It will take a while to get the account completed. Please read the instuctions that follow.

To sign up for SportsWare Online go to https://www.swol123.net/(S(esauhgaena1ain554lpnbev5))/default.aspx

or type in swol123 and it should list the correct website

Click on “Join Sportswear” under Athlete/Parent: want to join sportsware?

Enter school ID: MHS Warriors

Enter the athlete’s first name, last name and email address. The group is Meridian HS, it should be the only option to select.

You will then get a message that says your information has been saved, and you will get an email as soon as the school accepts your information.

Every so often Lisa or Jenna will get online and add the athletes who have entered in their information.

An email will show up in your inbox from SportsWare Online. Please check your spam folder occasionally as emails like this often get sent there.

Create a password. The specifications for the password are listed.

Your email address and password are how you will access this site from here on out.

When you first log on it will state there are 2 forms to be filled out.

The first one is Athlete information. Please fill out all of the required fields. There are 5 sections that need to be completed entirely. Under “General” is the section where the parents need to enter their email address and create a password. Please indicate which sports you, the athlete, intend to participate in during the school year. Fill in all the required fields under “Address”, “Emergency”, “Insurance”, and “Medical”. Insurance and medical both ask for information that was filled out when physicals were completed. However, please fill out the information, it will lead to fewer errors.

Fill out the second form as you are able.

There is a section to upload a physical and an IQ form. As long as the school has updated copies, you do NOT need to worry about this. The school will add the necessary information.

You need to be clicking “save” or “cancel” on the top right hand of your screen. You can not go back between screens using the navigation buttons on the top left.

Parents/legal gaurdians, you can also create a login to see all of the information. This will allow you to add or edit information as necessary as well as see information about your son or daugters injuries, progess and return to play information.

Thank you for promptly taking care of this!

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