Warrior XC Summer 2019 Info

1st practice is Monday August 12th @ 8AM.  All practices that week will be at 8AM starting at the school.  Practices the next week will also be at 8AM with the exception of the time trial and locations are TBD right now.  We are transitioning our website to the school sponsored site.  For future info go to:  https://www.westada.org/Domain/9021

August 3-11 is the no-contact period.  We will not be having any workouts during this time.  Team leaders can coordinate workouts with the athletes.  

I’m really excited to get things going and looking forward to an Amazing year of MHS XC!  This is a ton of info.  Please read all of it.  If you have any other questions please email me at mccrea.russell@westada.org or text/call me at 208-631-8814

Summer Training Schedule:

We will be meeting up a couple of times a week for most of the summer.  During the Month of June we will not meet until after camp.  Formal training will begin the last week of June and will be on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 am Starting at the school most of the time.  This may change, but if it does it will be posted on the “Meridian High School Cross Country” facebook page.    Look for Locations by Monday evening if there will be a venue change.  I will try to keep runs pretty close to the school, but do want to take advantage of some of the great trails we have around Boise.


  1. Tentative Season Competition Schedule. 
  2. Mon, Aug 12- 1st day of practice
    Thur, Aug 22- Team time Trial Location TBD
    Sat, Aug 31- Tri Meet @ Settlers park in Meridian v. Boise and Rocky
    Sat, Sept 7- Timberlake Coaster Cross
    Thurs, Sept 12- East Boise Classic v. Timberline
    Sat, Sept 21- Bob Firman Invitational (Eagle Island State Park)
    Thurs, Sept 26- Gary Ward (Lakeview Park, Nampa)
    Sat, Oct 5- Nike Twilight (Washington)
    Sat, Oct 12-Gib Floyd in Kuna
    Wed, Oct 16- Dual v. Eagle Location TBD
    Fri, Oct 25- District at Eagle Island
    Sat, Nov 2- State at Pocatello
    1. Explanation of Travel Trips
      Sat, Sep 8 Timberlake Farragut Invitational- Farragut St. Park, Athol ID.  Overnight trip for whole team.  More details Below.  We will be leaving from the school at 7AM this friday to drive up to Coeur D’Alene in a charter bus.  We will be staying two nights in Timberlake High School’s wrestling room.  We will separate the boys from the girls with a barrier made from rolled up wrestling mats.  Students will be responsible for three lunches on the trip.  Students will also need to bring the entry fee to Silverwood theme park which we will be going to after the meet on Saturday.  We will leave early Sunday (6AM) and drive back to the school.  We should arrive close to 3:30pm.  Your child needs to bring some spending money for lunches, and regular needs for camping outside of a tent.  The school will have locker rooms open for the kids to use.  I will send home an itienrary and packing list.  If you have questions after getting the packing list please text or email me.
    2. Sat, Sept 29 Nike Twilight– We will take our top 9 boys and girls athletes on this trip.  This will be determined by their season so far and preference will be given to the last two meets before the decision.  We will make the decision on who will be traveling will be made by Bob Firman.  Athletes who travel will be responsible for paying a part of their trip.  That amount is TBD at this point.
  3. Fundraising!  Here is low down on Fundraising.
    1. Our current large fundraiser has not been decided on yet.  I am open to ideas.
    2. We need to raise about $200 per athlete to make the season work.  This money will go to pay for the following:  Team Shirts, All Team Trip to Silverwood, Meet Entries, Team Equipment, Subsidize part of the Stanford trip for our top athletes and the End of the Year team banquet. If you would rather pay the money and not do any of the fund raisers that is fine with me.
    3. We will be hand writing 10 letters from athletes to people that they know asking for donations.  All your athletes need are 10 names and 10 physical addresses.  I will provide the letterhead, stamps and envelopes.  We will use part of one of our early practices to do this.
    4. Trip payment:  Every athlete will be required to pay $50 out of pocket and or participate in the fundraiser or pay the $200 season fee.  This covers entrance to Silverwood themepark for the athlete.  We receive a large discount if we purchase them beforehand.
  4. Where we Run:  Below are the most common meeting places for runs if we are not meeting at school.
    1. Artesian Road- If you drive North on Linder until you pass the new Temple and drive down the hill.  The first road on your right will be artesian road.  From here we can run on the canal or run over to Eagle Island SP.  It is also a nice place to ice legs in the river after a run.
    2. Bar-de-nay aka Eagle Greebelt- Park at Bar-de-Nay in Eagle and walk over to the greenbelt.  This is a great starting place for runs because we can ice in the river when we are done.
    3. Camel’s Back Park- The starting point of some of the most scenic runs in the foothills
    4. Fort Boise Part- Similar to camels back in scenery… great place for long runs in rolling beautiful terrain.
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